Francis Pion



Ambitious and passionate, I have many centers of interest like technology, music, games, cars and even dogs!
My pedagogical approach is also much appreciated by my colleagues.

Full-Stack Developer / Software Architect

Innovative and skilled developer who isn’t afraid to carry business-oriented responsibilities and help others out.

  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Freelance: Available

Being a great developer and a solo performer can speed up the process, but together we go farther; this is why I appreciate gatherings where we approach problems with a solution-oriented mindset. Although I am an introvert individual, I’m not afraid to speak up to bring to light unsuspected issues or out-of-the-box solutions. I can also be very inquisitive as I like to dig the truth and grasp root causes. At last, I have a sharp eye for irregularities and like to point-out abnormalities with a constructive mindset.


You’ll find my technical skills below, self-rated as where they are versus where I would like them to be. Others also say that I’m organized, a critical thinker and that any subject can be safely discussed with me.

C#/.NET 100%
Node.js/Vue.js/Nuxt.js 85%
Software Architecture 80%
Azure Cloud 70%
Databases 90%
Business Analysis 85%
DevOps 75%
Linux 65%


I am a professional developer passionate by innovation, new technologies and best practices. My interests are diversified and I always crave to learn and know more. I am a firm believer that we can learn & teach by sharing our experiences, which is the aspect of my profession I prefer the most.


Francis Pion

My career started at Nmédia Solutions in 2017, where I acquired solid development bases, both at the client and server level. You will find a list of my best accomplishments throughout my career below.

  • Shipped large-scale projects having contributed to all steps of the development’s cycle
  • Migrated monolithic applications to Cloud distributed microservice software architectures
  • Carried out many technical presentations which were appreciated and pertinent to the development department


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

2016 — 2022

Université Laval, QC (remote)

Specialization: Internet and Web Applications

Mastering Vue


Vue Academy, online

Complete & hands-on Vue.js and tooling training (12 hours)

Professional Experience

Full-Stack Developer / Software Architect

2022 — present

Akinox, Québec, QC (remote)

  • Coming soon!


2017 — 2022

Nmédia, Drummondville, QC

  • Project & requirements analysis, understand and translate clients’ business domain in technical terms
  • Design and implant database structures, program and optimize data management & data analysis queries
  • Organize projects in User Stories, estimate using Agile methodology and plan timelines
  • Develop graphical and Web applications, Front-End interfaces, Back-End services and automated testing
  • Configure automated deployment process, Cloud infrastructures and install software dependencies (DevOps)
  • Participated to standards’ definition and technical practice amelioration process, and retroaction with members of my team
  • Propose high-level solutions to problems, participate to software architecture elaboration & to technological decisions
  • Redact technical documentation specific to projects
  • Technological avant-garde: watch domain innovations, explore new technologies and present results to my team


We can say whatever we want about ourselves, but when it comes from the mouth of others, it adds authenticity to our words and illustrates the perception of others towards us. Let's see what others have to say about me.


If you would like to discuss about your project or any technical matter with me, ask me a technical question or simply get in touch, please form the fill below and I’ll reply as soon as possible!


Drummondville, QC CA

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